Mission Statement &
Core Values

At Rayka, we are connecting and inspiring explorers to discover significant experiences.
Be an Explorer
We are innately curious. We're passionate about constantly learning, whether that's through travel, new experiences, or through trying new things and constantly stretching. We never settle.
Climb the Mountain
We believe in hard work, swift action, and perseverance. Passion is at the root of this company: passion for our work, for the world, and for each other. And our passion fuels us to persevere through any challenge or setback that we will face. We climb on.
Choose Summits, Not Hills
We are courageous, entrepreneurial, and know that if we aren't taking risks and failing, then we aren't stretching ourselves enough. We set ambitious goals and take risks, knowing that playing it safe or getting comfortable with our trajectory is the far greater risk.
Fly Together
We are first and foremost a unified team: we know that our growth will accelerate from connections and bonds rather than by individual efforts. We have agility, resilience, grit and a growth mindset.
Borrow Their Boots
We empathize with each other. We care for each other and for the world: and we want to make it a better place. Empathy is at the root of every decision, both internally and externally.