Rayka. Explore Socially.

What’s all of this about? In general, this blog, the Social Exploration Blog, will focus on topics like travel, reviews, study abroad, and more. We’ll share some of our favorite places and travel recommendations, we’ll highlight some trends or featured favorites from our user base, and we’ll dive more into some issues that exist in the current travel review structure. That might all sound boring to start, but when you see our first list released next week, we think it will make you want to pack your bags and get on the next flight out of town.

But before that happens, let’s first give an overview of what we are trying to do. Our name, “Rayka”, refers to the Icelandic word for “Wander,” like the country’s city of Reykjavik. We are hoping to tap into this wanderlust theme by creating a platform where people can find better places to go to by seeing what their friends recommend. There is a gap, we believe, between review sites and social media, and we are hoping to fill that gap with a social review platform. This idea of “exploring socially” let’s people share with their friends the cities they recommend, their favorite restaurants, the best bars in town, and more.

On another level, we are trying specifically to help study abroad students have a better international experience by allowing them to see the recommendations and favorite places of past students who had studied there. We can’t tell you how many “abroad recommendations” books we have seen on college campuses, or google drive documents like “The Abroad Bible”, “Lisa’s Abroad Tips”, “Mary’s Guide to Paris”, and countless others. It’s time to update technology a bit and compile all of those great suggestions into one central, social platform.

So, hopefully you now have a better idea of what Rayka is and what the Social Exploration Blog will focus on. Rayka will launch in June so feel free to follow us on social media to stay informed. Until then, keep wandering!