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See why GoAbroad ranked us as the world’s #1 study abroad app- where you 
can discover the favorite places of other students while abroad. 
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Create or Join Student-Created Groups

If you are a prospective study abroad student, use our student travel and study abroad app to find reviews from any student, or join a group to see recommendations from on specific student-focused categories, such as Drunk Food & Late Night Eats, Student Hostels, Instagram-Worthy Food, etc. Or, create your own group! 

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Browse Student Reviews

Studying in Barcelona? Florence? New Zealand? Rather than sorting through random blogs, Facebook groups, and Google searches, simply download our app and easily find advice on restaurants, bars and more- all directly from other local and study abroad students. Rayka helps you spend less time on random review sites and more time out enjoying the best your time abroad has to offer!

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Find Just the Best

Tired of sorting through random 1-5 star ratings on review sites from millions of strangers? Yeah, us too. With Rayka, you can easily find the best spots in your city through a list of compiled student favorites! Search a city or group, filter by category, and find the best student spots. 

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Share with your Friends

Our team personally knows what it’s like to come back from an incredible semester abroad and be bombarded by people asking for recommendations as they plan their own trips. Now you can easily share your favorite spots in any study abroad group or just with your friends, find more great places as you plan your next trip overseas, and keep exploring. 

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Full Launch on May 1st 2018

The public beta for the Rayka app became available on January 9th if you want to try it out until then!


Available for download May 1 2018


Available for download May 1 2018