Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Rayka? 

Rayka is a social student travel platform, where students share their favorite places to go all around the world. Traveling students can use Rayka to more easily find the best restaurants, bars, and things to do that other students love. 

2. What does Rayka mean? 

Rayka refers to the Icelandic word for ‘Wander’, like the capital city Reykjavik. 

2. When does Rayka launch?

It will be available for download on Apple devices on August 1st, 2018! We have a public beta version out now on iOS devices 🙂

3. How is Rayka different than Yelp or TripAdvisor?

Firstly, Rayka is only based on student opinion, rather than a lumped grouping of strangers or older travelers- so our platform specifically shows great places that students love. Secondly, our platform is based on favorites and our rankings are based on compiles favorites, rather than a flawed 5 star review format where 4.3 stars is the average ranking. This makes is easier to find the best places that students love. 

4. What are groups on Rayka?

We believe that the most important part of a review or recommendation is who is giving the review: people want to know what travelers similar to them like and recommend. The issue with these other review sites is that a student can give a bar in Barcelona a 5 star review but their grandmother, for example, would give the same bar a 1 star review and it is lumped into the same ranking. For Rayka, you can see recommendations from people similar to you by creating or joining groups of likeminded travelers. 

5. Will any new features be added to the app?

Of course! Our goal is to become an “Untappd for Travel,” where friends share their favorite places to go with each other. We are working on adding gamification to the platform, where travelers gain different badges the more they travel and can become international “experts,” and groups will encompass a far wider range of locations, people, and students.

6. How do I join the app?

You can check out the current beta version on iOS devices or wait for our full launch on August 1st! 

7. How do I use the app?

Scroll through the feed to see the most recent recommendations or join a group to find recommendations from like-minded travelers. At the top of the feed is where you can add a recommendation or one of your favorite places, and you can create a group by clicking on the “create a group” button on the groups tab. Your profile page on the far right shows where you’ve traveled to. 

8. How do I find out more information or get help?

We would love to help or answer any questions! Email us at, or visit our contact page for more help. We’d also encourage anyone to reach out if you are interested in joining our growing team, or if you have any ideas / feedback / suggestions for the app itself.