About Rayka

The Social Recommendation Platform

What is "Rayka"?

Rayka refers to “Wander” in Icelandic, like the city Reykjavik. We’re tapping into this theme of wanderlust by helping people to “explore socially” and easily see the recommendations of their friends and peers as they travel. Other platforms are outdated, skewed to older demographics, and simply not helpful: we are changing the game. 

Why is this needed?

There needs to be more of a focus on the reviewer than the review. There seems to be no realization that different people have different tastes: instead, everything is clumped together, everything is four and a half stars, and nobody knows anything about the person giving the review itself. It’s time for a revolution: from outdated reviews to social recommendations.   

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What's Next?

We’ve just raised our first round of funding and have had some exciting new hires, partnerships, and news in the past few months- so we’ve got some big things we should be able to announce soon. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with everything!

How are we different?


Platforms right now are only focused on the ranking and review, rather than on the person giving the review. Rayka is about personalized recommendations.


Our team has traveled all around the world and loves sharing recommendations- it shouldn't be so difficult to do. We're here to #exploresocially.


Other platforms lump in every review and assume there's no difference in the person giving the review. That's why we're starting with students and their preferences.