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The First Student-Only Review Platform


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What Users Are Saying:

  • “What an awesome app! Student recommendations are way better than google, TripAdvisor, etc, and finding good places to go was definitely a struggle for me abroad!”Kati (Paris)

  • “I sorted through countless travel and local blogs just to find cool places to go. This app looks awesome and is definitely fulfilling a need!” -Samuel (Barcelona)

  • “This would have been an incredible tool to utilize while I was studying abroad. When I was abroad, I did exactly what Rayka wants to help future study abroad students avoid. I Googled for hours to find things to do and places to eat.”

    -Michael (Prague)

  • “I think this is an awesome idea and I would have loved to have something like this when I was abroad!”Sarah (New Zealand)

  • “This app definitely would have been useful when I was abroad because we tried to find cool spots on the Internet but they were always the really obvious places to go to. But I think through your app people could post about the hidden gems of each city that most people aren’t aware of!” -Catherine (Chile)

  • “I went through countless google docs, random emails to professors, talking with my host family, research, etc all to find great spots for students. This would have made that process 10x easier- I LOVE this concept!” -Alex (Florence)

  • “What a helpful tool. Searching on the internet only shows touristy spots and it is so hard to contact other students. I’m about to get my Masters in Paris and can’t wait to use it- awesome idea!” -Mark (France)

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