What is Rayka?

A travel app where friends share their favorite places to go, all around the world.

Use Rayka to find the best restaurants, bars and more- in your own city or when you’re traveling to a new place. 

Rayka Explore




When you want to know the best places to go on your trip, you’ll ask someone you trust, right? With Rayka, you can easily see the recommendations and favorite places of your friends. 

Rayka Share




Have you ever found a great travel spot and wanted to share it with your friends? With Rayka, you can easily share where you’ve been and what your favorite places are.

Rayka Discover




When you’re discovering new places to eat and drink, how you choose a spot when everything has 4.5 stars? With Rayka, the rankings are based on a compiled list of people’s favorites to more easily help you find the best in every city. 

Rayka Connect




Create or join public or private groups to discover the recommendations of similar people. If you’re about to study abroad, you can see the favorite places and recommendations of past students who studied there.

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